Cards for Causes

Raise up to 6% in donations everytime your supporters buy or top-up store cards

With a wide range of shopping cards for popular stores including Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Starbucks, you'll receive a donation at no extra cost whenever your supporters shop in-store or online using Cards for Causes.

Shop in-store or online

One-off purchases

One-off purchases

If you are going to buy something in-store, why not raise a free donation in the process.

Reloadable Store cards

Everyday shopping

Our store cards are reloadable, so you can easily top-up and raise a free donation every time.

Giving as a gift

Giving as a gift

Send the perfect gift by email or post, that will also help a good cause close to both your hearts.

How it works for you & your supporters

Spread the word

Once signed up, you'll get a unique web link which you can send to your supporters to sign up and support your charity.

Reload or gift

Your supporters can then buy store cards and e-vouchers from our selection of retailers to use in-store or online.

Track how much you raise

Everytime your supporters buy e-vouchers or reload store cards, you'll receive up to 6% of the total upload amount.

Frequently asked questions

How does Cards for Causes work?

Cards for Causes allows you to raise up to 6% in donations for your favourite charity when you buy store cards.

We have a range of store cards and e-vouchers available from popular stores including Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Starbucks.

You can give the cards as a gift, or use them yourself. Many of our cards are reloadable, so you can raise a donation each time you top-up your card.

The Cards for Causes scheme is managed by Give as you Live with the card distribution and payment process handled by our partner, SVM Global Limited, who are a world-leading reseller and distributor of corporate gift cards, e-codes and gift vouchers.

Where do I register for Cards for Causes?

Cards for Causes is a members-only scheme available to your charity's supporters and to Give as you Live users. Registration will be via a link provided by your charity or through your Give as you Live account.

Is there any charge for signing up or using Cards for Causes?

Shopping using a Cards for Causes card will not cost you a penny extra. The donation is made for free by Give as you Live to your chosen charity.

Postage costs and credit card fees (debit card payments are free) will be included upon checkout.

Is there a cost to the charity?

No, Cards for Causes is totally FREE for charities, as are the marketing materials we make available.

How do I add money to the card?

When you order the card, an initial amount is uploaded to the card. If you wish to top-up the balance on your card, you can do this logging into your account panel, selecting the card and choosing 'add funds'.

What donation will my charity receive?

Every purchase or reload of a store card or e-voucher generates a donation based on the amount you upload.

The donation rates vary from retailer to retailer – please see the below table for those rates:

Retailer Donation to charity
Tesco 2.50%
Marks & Spencer 3.00%
Starbucks 6.00%
Pizza Hut 5.00%
Currys/PC World 3.00%
Argos 3.00%
Pub Group 6.00%
Cineworld 6.00%
Where can I shop using Cards for Causes Cards and e-vouchers?

Cards for Causes has launched with a wide range of shopping cards for 9 popular stores including Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Starbucks. We hope to add more throughout the year.

You can see all of our participating retailers and details on where you can redeem your card by browsing all our cards.

How do I use the store cards/e-vouchers in-store?

The store cards are a standard method of payment. Just hand the card to the check-out assistant or, if you are using a self-service checkout, swipe your card to pay for your goods.

E-vouchers can be used in a similar way and provide a unique code that contains details of the amount of cash that can be spent.

How can I check my store card balance with you?

You can check your store card balance online via your account panel - please follow the links to the individual retailer's balance check facility.

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